Why, hello there!

I used to blog, a lot. Being Beatrice & Charismagick being two previous incarnations. But I lost my blogging mojo. This kinda went hand-in-hand with losing my sense of self slightly and working long hours in a new role. But I missed blogging, sooo much, and I missed the interactions and I missed the thrill of finding a new blog... so I'm back!

A few instagram shots from of late! So this time around I'll be posting jewellery makes, pictures I take, recipes I like, books I read, my art journey, my life. I'll resist the temptation to be anybody else and just keep it real and hopefully get to know you!

Are you a maker, a crafter, an artist?
Do you cook or bake?
What is your favourite book?
Are you on instagram? (I am addicted!)

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