Living your values...

I'm going to be honest here and say that every so often I remind myself of this and I make an effort, I really do. On the whole I manage fairly well, staying away from "bad" companies when I know there is a better choice, but sliding on various things such as buying vegetables from the supermarket rather than my local market due to sheer convenience. The thing is, I work for an "ethical" company. The people I find most inspirational in the world are those doing something that matter. Those that live their beliefs, make it their story and work for what they believe in, always.

I'm currently reading the TOMS story by Blake Mycoskie, Start Something That Matters. It's a great read! One of things he recommends is downsizing. Not having to much stuff. Clutter clouds the creative mind according to Blake. This did make me a snort a bit as my boss at work says the same thing and spent months nagging at me to tidy my desk! Anyway, the point is when you read/hear this from two inspirational men (my boss founded Student Hubs) you start to think that maybe there is something in it. I look around at home and I have stuff everywhere. Everywhere. Some of this stuff hasn't been touched since I moved in two years ago. I am 30-something so I can be forgiven for having acquired some clutter, but I dread to think how much money I would have laying around if it was converted back into the money I spent on it all!

This got me thinking about it all.
*Where did I get all these things from?
*Was it money well spent? Did it benefit any of the people I'd wish to support?
*How can I most benefit others in giving it away?

I try not to be a mindless consumer but when you're tired, or in a rush, or exhausted, or looking for a retail therapy hit you often don't stop to consider the back story of the product that you're buying. I'm realising that if I want to live my values then I need to spend less money and more time on the purchase.

*Do I really need this particular item?
*Could I buy this in a more beneficial way?

I'm going to give Blake's method a go and declutter. I will actively try to live my values. Oh and I'll let you know if my creativity goes up a notch or ten!

Here's hoping!

Are you messy or streamlined?
Have you read the TOMS story?
Do you consciously live your values?

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