Thursday thoughts

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"Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places" I totally believe this to be true. We all make wrong choices occasionally but that doesn't mean we'll end up in a bad place. Not every bad choice has huge ramifications in your life. of course, some do. But sometimes, the wrong choice still leads you to the right place.

Perhaps you needed to make the wrong choice in the first place to appreciate the right choice when you got to it. I've definitely had that in my life. Decisions that other people thought were crazy but made sense in the end. Decisions that were definitely wrong but that led me to make a better choice, the right choice, the next time.

I don't know if our paths are already laid out for us. I don't know if we really do forge our own. I think maybe the larger events, the things that really shape us, perhaps they are just there, in our lives, waiting to happen & it's how we deal with those things that is down to us. I know that when i look back on my life everything seems to have led to the next. My life has led me here. It seems so simple, although i still don't know where I'm going!

How about you?
Has the wrong decision led you to the right place?

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