New page: The money diaries

Casting a Vote

Every single time I spend my money I am casting a vote as to what kind of a world I want to live in. If you think of it that way buying your morning coffee, your lunch on your break & picking up your groceries on the way home becomes more complicated doesn't it? Let alone buying clothes, items for your house, shoes etc.

The thought behind my new page is two-fold: firstly where does my money go? {It has a terrible habit of disappearing in to thin air!} And secondly: what vote have I cast with every penny spent? Is it possible to benefit others through my shopping choices? Is it possible for someone who earns less than the average UK annual salary possible to be a philanthropist by being careful with money?!

I'll be recording where & to whom my money goes in a personal experiment to see how much of a difference I can make and just how difficult it is to think before I spend...

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