Textile wild woman gypsy style necklaces...

I felt moved to make today, for the first time in a long time so I went with it. I've been sick the past few days or so with a cold and today I felt even worse having slept badly (a worrying reoccurrence of late) but by early afternoon I was so beyond bored that I went to my crafting desk and started pulling bits and bobs out and just looking at them. Randomly my eyes alighted on these cute small doilies and I knew I wanted to make necklaces with them, they're kind of different aren't they? Little bit wild woman, little bit gypsy?

I've been eyeing up leather supplies on Ebay (actually pleather & recycled leather) thinking it would be fun to work with, particularly with yarn and crystals... I might have to give it a try. I'm really keen to actually be making my jewellery myself rather than simply assembling jewellery. I enjoy doing it but it isn't enough for me, these hands want to make!

Have you ever tried working with (p)leather or making textile jewellery?

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