Super foods: Five reasons why you should be eating the humble apple

We all remember the old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but these days the humble apple has been somewhat forgotten, competing with super-foods such as seaweed, chia seeds, blueberries, spirulina and acai berries. Yet the apple has a whole host of benefits making it a super food in it's very own right!

1. Apples are high in antioxidants which help fight the free radicals from chemicals, smoking & pollution that can damage our bodies and particularly our skin.

2. Apples can actually help reduce tooth decay, although that's no excuse not to pick up your toothbrush!

3. Apples are high in fibre which is good for your digestive system as well as stabilsing your glucose levels. Fibre helps clear your colon too meaning apples are good for IBS sufferers.

4. Apples are recommended for their detoxification properties.

5. Red apples contain quercetin which helps boost your immune system, particularly useful at this time of year!

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