Sunday reads... Oh Dear Silvia

Oh Dear Silvia

Last weekend was the first real touch of autumn. fresh but bright sunny mornings, spurts of rain (at one point, hail!) & grey chilly evenings. perfect curl-up-with-a-book-weather.

So I did. I picked up Oh Dear Silvia not because it is by Dawn French but because I was intrigued by the cover. I liked the tree & the typography. I was curious as to who Silvia was. 

At first when reading it, I didn't think I'd get to know who Silvia was, but you do. you learn about her through those around her. Each character is vivid. The book is well-written and made me laugh out loud in places. It was un-put-downable.
The end, when it came, was as I expected, the twist of emotion that came with it I hadn't expected!
A beautiful read, well done Ms French.

Have you read it?
What makes you pick a certain book?

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