Creative catch-up ~ instamemories DIY photo album

If you're as much as an instagram addict as me then this is a fun way to turn your instagram photos in to a real keepsake!

I ordered two different sized matt square prints from printstagram and picked up a plain brown paper scrapbook/photo album from paperchase. I sat the other afternoon gluing my pictures in and then realised I needed to do something pretty special with the cover...

So I grabbed a pencil and drew the instagram icon on the front cover...

And then is started colouring it in with pencils, finally drawing the outline with a black sharpie & adding "memories" to the bottom of the icon.

Cute huh?

Here's a sneak peek inside...

Can’t remember the last time I sat & put a photo album together, years?!

So I’m making an insta-album of my favourite Instagram shots!

I can't remember the last time i made a photo album! I adore instagram as it's such and fun and instant way to capture memories, but I didn't want them hiding away in my phone never to be seen again.

Are you an instagram fan?
Have you made an instagram album or ordered prints?

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  1. this is v.cute and a great motivation to actually print photos! I've not made a photo album since I was about 14 so this'd be a perfect for all my golden half camera pics (which are currently all stacked in those little photo envelopes you get from the developers)!