Welcome Autumn!

(source via my pinterest)

I absolutely love autumn, it is my favourite season. You can justifiably wear scarves (I wear mine all year round, but autumn makes it okay!) and you can layer up and be all cozy.

I love the freshness in the air, the crisp bite in the mornings, the crunch underfoot as the leaves come down. The colours are so vivid, oranges, reds, golds, yellows and the sky the most perfect shade of blue. Occasionally grey ;)

Salads go on the back burner, root vegetables are top of the menu. Stews, lasagnes, pasta bakes, hearty foods. Yum.

And because I love layers so much...

Military Leather Jacket

The hair, the jacket, the overall look! CS

(Keiko Lynn via my pinterest)

What's your favourite season?
Why do you love autumn?
Do you layer?

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